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The failure of Nigerian government is a function of the failure of the Church - Olatuja Gabriel-Wealth


 The failure of Nigerian government is a function of the failure of the Church.

I'm a member of the body of Christ (Church), this piece is rather an eye opener for the church leaders to encourage members to vote. 

Only the church has the capacity to change this nation. Unfortunately, we church, what we do is only to pray. We fail to ACT. Pastors who have massive followers and voices fail to Sorosoke.

Its good but not enough to complain or speak the truth. Pastors should sensitize their members to get their pvc and vote on election days.

As at the last General election, more than 80% of Christian in Nigeria didn't vote, so many of them don't have their PVC. It's good to make things happen in the spiritual realms, but that won't invoke angels to come to poling units and vote. It remain our responsibility responsibility responsibility to elect our leaders.

From my research, Out of the 216 million Nigerians, About 105million are age 18+, which means they are eligible vote.

Of the 105million people, about 30million voted in 2019 and 75million didn't vote.

Buhari won 2019 election with about 15million. All the churches put together can raise new 20million voters and determine the leadership of our nation.

Our Bible tells us that prayer without work is dead, but must of Nigerians Christians only prayer without working, that is participating and involving in electoral decisions.

We need to wake up before its too late. All pastors are powerful influencers and they can cause a great change in our nation.

During COVID, so many pastors were able to sensitize their members to take the vaccine and make also sensitized their members not to take the vaccine and their members obeyed.

Such energy should be put to voting. Encourage your members to get their pvc and vote.

If we fail to do the right thing, wrong people will take the power to do the wrong things.

I will conclude with this. The wrong people who want to always hold on to power are not the problems. The problems are the good people who know the right thing but allow the wrong people to have their way.

Nigerian Christians need to wake up. We need to end the bloodshed, bad economy, insecurity, joblessness, lack of power and energy, lack of Healthcare, poor education, poverty, hunger etc


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Olatuja Gabriel is an Officer of International Human Rights Commission, (IHRC) Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to West Africa. He is a Media Broadcaster and Investigative Journalist. He's a Chemical, Process and Safety Engineer. He has over a decade experience in Manufacturing Industry, Chemical Engineering, Renewable Energy, Information Technology and Customer Service. He is a Chartered Customer Relationship Manager and a Business and Marketing Strategist. He is an experienced publisher and Content Creator. He enjoys Playing Saxophone and Singing.


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