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Sunday, 3 April 2022

The failure of Nigerian government is a function of the failure of the Church - Olatuja Gabriel-Wealth

The failure of Nigerian government is a function of the failure of the Church - Olatuja Gabriel-Wealth

 The failure of Nigerian government is a function of the failure of the Church.

I'm a member of the body of Christ (Church), this piece is rather an eye opener for the church leaders to encourage members to vote. 

Only the church has the capacity to change this nation. Unfortunately, we church, what we do is only to pray. We fail to ACT. Pastors who have massive followers and voices fail to Sorosoke.

Its good but not enough to complain or speak the truth. Pastors should sensitize their members to get their pvc and vote on election days.

As at the last General election, more than 80% of Christian in Nigeria didn't vote, so many of them don't have their PVC. It's good to make things happen in the spiritual realms, but that won't invoke angels to come to poling units and vote. It remain our responsibility responsibility responsibility to elect our leaders.

From my research, Out of the 216 million Nigerians, About 105million are age 18+, which means they are eligible vote.

Of the 105million people, about 30million voted in 2019 and 75million didn't vote.

Buhari won 2019 election with about 15million. All the churches put together can raise new 20million voters and determine the leadership of our nation.

Our Bible tells us that prayer without work is dead, but must of Nigerians Christians only prayer without working, that is participating and involving in electoral decisions.

We need to wake up before its too late. All pastors are powerful influencers and they can cause a great change in our nation.

During COVID, so many pastors were able to sensitize their members to take the vaccine and make also sensitized their members not to take the vaccine and their members obeyed.

Such energy should be put to voting. Encourage your members to get their pvc and vote.

If we fail to do the right thing, wrong people will take the power to do the wrong things.

I will conclude with this. The wrong people who want to always hold on to power are not the problems. The problems are the good people who know the right thing but allow the wrong people to have their way.

Nigerian Christians need to wake up. We need to end the bloodshed, bad economy, insecurity, joblessness, lack of power and energy, lack of Healthcare, poor education, poverty, hunger etc

Thursday, 24 March 2022

 I studied at four universities before graduating – Mr Macaroni

I studied at four universities before graduating – Mr Macaroni

 I studied at four universities before graduating – Mr Macaroni

Comedian Debo Adedayo, popularly known as Mr Macaroni, has opened up on some facts about him, saying he studied in four universities before graduating.

Aside from studying in four different universities, he also said he was born into a Muslim and Christain family, adding that he answer both David and Ibrahim.

Sharing some unknown facts about him with his fans and followers on his Twitter handle on Wednesday, the popular skit maker noted that he studied at Lead City University, Houdegbe North American University in Cotonou, Afe Babalola University, before finally graduating at Redeemer’s University.

He wrote, “So here are some facts about me. For those that keep asking… These are pure facts. If you have questions, you can ask. I am Adebowale Adedayo, born in Lagos on the 3rd day of May 1993.


Into a Muslim and Christian Family. I answer David and Ibrahim.“My state of Origin is Ogun. I’m from Abeokuta precisely. I attended Tendercare International Nursery and Primary school in Ojota, Ogudu.

Now at Magodo Isheri. So I be Ojota/Magodo boy. I started secondary school in 2002. @ Babcock University High School.“I went to 4 Universities. I gained admission into Lead City University in 2009.

With Dangote, Importation Will Stop, Thousands To Get Jobs – Buhari

I was studying law at the time. In 200L, our school had accreditation issues, we started to protest, things got hot.

I had to leave the school. Lol. I miss City sha. Sweet school like this “From there, I went to Houdegbe North American University Cotonou in 2011. I was still studying law there… I cos small wahala 😭 I had to leave.

From there I went to Afe Babalola University in 2012… it was there I decided to go back to my first love; Theatre. As Law don tire me.“One thing led to the other, I had to leave ABUAD 😭 And that was when I went to Redeemer’s University in 2013 to study Theatre Arts.

Small wahala happen. But everything settle las las… I finished there got my certificate and the rest is history.”

Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Christians: Praying alone is not enough. We need to all rise up to transform Nigeria - Gabriel Olatuja

Christians: Praying alone is not enough. We need to all rise up to transform Nigeria - Gabriel Olatuja

It's good for us the Christians to preach the gospel. But keeping quiet on national matters won't take us anywhere. This is our own kingdom for now. Heaven is God's kingdom. 

Don't allow this nation where you are now get messed up while you are waiting to go to God Kingdom in heaven. Nigerian is your heaven for now. You dwell here now. God created you to dominate and subdue here, not only spiritually, but even physically. 

Make this place better. Prayer and preaching only is not enough. If things continues like this, they will soon criminalise going to church, criminalise preaching and all the physical functions of Christianity.

Don't get only agitated when there's an issue that concerns the church. At this time, the church is domiciled here in earth, in different nations like Nigeria. We need to make the environment conducive. That's can't happen by keeping silent. 

In the bible, we have examples of nations that God backed up to fight and dominate other nations. God could have told them to only sit down at home and pray only. But God knows there are things that need prayers and others required the actions of you and I as transformers. 

Jesus left the earth to go and #Prepare heaven. He's gone there to put things in order. You can't continue to be unconcerned  about this your present heaven, Nigeria. 

I'm sure there's orderliness, coordination, good governance and harmony in the Kingdom of God. If we can't cause the same in this kingdom that has been given to us, how do we think God will be happy? 

Its not good for we Christians and influencial pastor's keep silent when we are supposed to air our voices and correct anomalies in our Nigeria. We can't dwell in fear for so long. 

Christians, you can't preach the gospel or go and worship in church in a nation where there's war. Let's not get there before we begin to think about national interest in our dealings and endeavours. 

Don't look while some bad gangs sniff life out of those that have been given to you to save. You are a savior to many, as Christ is the ultimate savior of all. 

Your words, show of displeasure or even protests about the awful event that play out daily in this country can save the people and can save the nation at large. It's good to pray, but prayer without pragmatic work is dead. 

We need to all wake up. It is your duty. It's my duty. It is our duty to make this country a better place, not for some elites, but for all of us, irrespective of  belief or ethnicity or interest. 

Herdsmen are killing your fellow Christian and non-Christians. Insecurity everywhere. Lives are being taken and properties are being destroyed per minute. All we could do is to be quite? 

Let's all know that the voices we have today is a privilege to cause transformation, even in our nation. Some people had the voice, but couldn't use it in the past, now they are no more.

We are too conscious of position, and we prefer to neglect our duty as a people. God said we should dominate the earth. We should multiply and subdue the earth. The earth is not the crust but your nation to start with. Instead of dominating, it seems we are being dominated.

Aisha Yesufu said I quote, "Those who have never protested against the bad governance will come out and protest when their spiritual leaders are arrested. 

If Lai Mohammed's threat is carried out we will have millions of protesters on the streets..."

Ofcourse, you know what she's talking about. Some renowned pastor's who are still using twitter, like pastor Adeboye, pastor Kumuyi and others are already getting threats left, right and center for using twitter after ban. 

That's the truth. If our pastor's who had the voice and influence to cause transformation in the national polity but could do nothing get arrested today, I believe their followers who have been keeping silent and suffering will come out to protest.

We need to wake up now before it's too late. As Christian, some of us still believe whatever happens in government doesn't concern them. The only thing they are interested in is the gospel, preach, praying... 

So many of the church members, individuals and businesses have been given a big blow economically. I know we know how to affirm positives, even if we hardly get a meal per day. Yes. That's not bad. But life will be better if we all are doing well economically. The gospel will even spread faster and more effectively. 

I also believe you know that someone who's hungry will not want to accept the gospel you are preaching. Hard truth. 

Let me close with this. Christians and Christian leaders, don't see those who are being killed by terrorists, herdsmen, kidnappers etc as martyrs. 

They are not martyrs who were persecuted for their faiths. No! They were killed because of our collective failure of masterminding good governance. We may not be active in the government. But its our collective responsibility to cause a governance. It's or duty to put the government in check in the language they best understand to do the right thing always. 

Let's wake up and defend our people. Let's defend our nation and bring back a sane society once again. 

Nigeria has become a completely authoritarian State under the Buhari-led administration – Gbolahan Oladunni-Daniels Esq.

Nigeria has become a completely authoritarian State under the Buhari-led administration – Gbolahan Oladunni-Daniels Esq.


Gbolahan Oladunni-Daniels Esq.

Gbolahan Oladunni-Daniels Esq.

A Nigerian lawyer, Gbolahan Oladunni-Daniels Esq., has said that Nigeria has become a completely authoritarian State under the Buhari-led administration.


He said it is grossly inappropriate and a display of abysmal immaturity to ban Twitter due to the fact that the president’s post was deleted by the microblog.


Related: President Buhari Unfit to Perform Duty Well, Closes 5PM Daily Owing to Health Challenges


The lawyer whose inclination is towards the availability of justice, equity and good governance to everyman in the society said, “The ban was an emotional reaction from the President which is devoid of any form of sensibilities.”


The legal and social activist also added that the use of Twitter by Nigerians is permissible even after the ban because the ban is a directive and not a law. He said it can only be criminalised when the offence is defined and the penalty is prescribed in a written law.


HOT: SERAP, Others Release Contacts of Free Legal Team, Ready Defend Nigerians in Court for using Twitter

“With due respect, the Attorney General goofed when he directed the prosecution of Nigerians using Twitter through VPN or other bypass apps and we must resist any form of harassment by the Police as they might start searching people's phones.”


Gbolahan also predicted that the autocratic and totalitarian president Buhari administration may ban Facebook soon.


“May I predict that our autocratic and totalitarian President will ban Facebook in the coming months especially as we approach 2023 Presidential elections.”


He also said that as usual, President Buhari may not be aware of the twitter ban, which means the ban may be only of the knowledge of some people in his government.


“On a lighter note, who knows our Bubu may not be aware or be shocked that Twitter has been banned in Nigeria.”

 Let’s have your opinion in the comment section below. 

Saturday, 27 February 2021

By legality, Satan - the former morning star is still a son of God - by Gabriel-Wealth Olatuja

By legality, Satan - the former morning star is still a son of God - by Gabriel-Wealth Olatuja


By legality, Satan - the former morning star is still a son of God.

Job 1:6 Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came also among them.

But to make the begotten son - Jesus reign over all other sons, He (God) exalted him (Jesus) above all.

See Phillipians 2:9-11
V9. Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name:
V10. That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;
V11. And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

You are also have been highly exalted above every name, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth in one condition. The condition is you must "ABIDE IN JESUS AND HE ABIDES IN YOU".

Question: How can you abide in Jesus?
#Answer: Believe in him, Accept him (Jesus) and confess him as your Lord and savior.

If you abide in Jesus, you were exalted with him too. To be exalted with him,

He says in John 15:4-9 -
v4. Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me...

To dominate over principalities and powers, failure, sickness and infirmity, death, prosperity, success etc, you must abide in him.

Say these words out loud and believe in hour heart and be saved.

"I believe with my heart and confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life. I reign over all the struggles of life in Jesus. Amen."

Kindly comments your email and I will contact you. 

God bless you.

Gabriel Olatuja.

Thursday, 25 February 2021

The Problem of Nigeria is not Bad Leaders, but Good People who are Shying away from Taking the Lead - Gabriel-Wealth Olatuja

The Problem of Nigeria is not Bad Leaders, but Good People who are Shying away from Taking the Lead - Gabriel-Wealth Olatuja

Gabriel-Wealth Olatuja, a Nigerian Youth and Businessman has said that the problem of Nigeria is not the bad leaders, but Good People who are shying away from taking the lead.

When it Comes to Power, Government is the next to God. 

It's high time we Christians began to participate in politics, especially in Nigeria.

What we fast and pray for is in the hands of unbelievers. They determine if it happens or not. Yes prayer can make them make things happen. But positioning ourselves to make things happen is much more better than having only the option of prayer.

I am not a religion begot who tries to mastermind infringing on other folks' right to believe systems. I mentioned Christians here because we need to do much better when it comes to participation in politics.

Yes we are working to transform our nation and the world at large from the spiritual realms into the physical. However, that's not enough. Active participation is also key, so that we leave no room for evil people in our public offices and in national and political leadership.

From old testament to the New testament, what's common is politics. Politics means leadership. It's the ability of a group of people to coordinate themselves, protect good interests and achieve a set common goal. Politics is not the dirty game of do or die affairs as we have here.

Hence its our duty to change the narrative.

I wrote an unpolished article where I said almost all we pray to God for in Nigeria are things that government has capacity to do but failed to do.

God has given us the capacity to do things for ourselves. But we go back to God to ask for same since our leaders have failed us.

Let me add this. If government will do they right thing for the people, we will have few things to ask or disturb God for.

"Yes. Government is the next to God. That's why we can't trivialize politics."

When government fails the people, it will look as if God is doing nothing.

We need to be all do the right thing.

The problem of Nigeria is not followership but leadership. Followers follow the pace set by the leaders whether good or bad. That's what we see playing our everywhere, in government, government sectors, offices.... It's not a rocket scientist. It flows from top to bottom, not the other way round.

We all need to be responsible and do the right thing. 

For example, there's no amount of prayer that will change ballot counts. God is not an impersonator. It pays us to pray more and act. Participate! If you don't have a PVC, go get yours when it's time. Join a political party and support the candidate of your choice Base on the candidates passion for the people and solve problems. 

Still on the politics series.

This goes to the good, big and influential people.

The evil in the land is not caused by the bad people in power. It's actually caused by the good people who failed to take the rightful positions and cause transformation. Running from politics will not make you a good person. The oncoming generations will curse you for your failure to act, speak out, join the trail to cause positive change in your time.

Yes. You have all the money to take care of your immediate family, send them overseas to study, power your mansions and make it a paradise while some people who you are supposed to stand for have not place to rest their heads, many have died because of your failure.

A child who studies abroad or lives in the secured estate still will pass through the same road, go to the same market, treck the same street,... with those who have been deprived of their right to live and enjoy the basic necessities of life... Hence no one will be save if our society is not safe. No one will enjoy to live freely anywhere if the people are not freed from the captivity of the generations of vipers who are ready to poison anyone to inherit the whole world.

I said a few days ago. PVC is useless if all the candidates are a set of liars, deceitful people with no passion to cause transformation, but only with pursuit of selfish interests. We have two candidates in 2015. Nigeria as a nation didn't have any other option than to jump from #frypan to #fire. This is not the problem caused by the bad people, but an absent of good people in the contest.

You are tongue speaking and holygbost filled. Apart from your prayers, how else can you rescue our nation through active participation?

"Nigeria is upside down today, not because of bad leadership but because of good leaders who are avoiding the positions of national leadership"

I remember in the last US election. At a point when Donald J. Trump was overwhelmed, he said "... the world is watching..." That day, I laughed and asked myself, "which world, where is the world, Africa or Artatica ? ☺. When you were at the position where you were ruling the world, economies, races, religions, battalions etc, how positively did you impact?

The same is applicable to our former presidents, governors, senators etc. When you were in power, you didn't do the needful. You left there, you are now complaining. Not only the people, but you yourselves inclusive will suffer from the consequences of your actions and inactions, failures and non-performance.

I will reiterate some of my comments on this, subject in the past.

#PVCISUSELESS if we cannot leverage on technology to conduct elections via e-voting via our phones now that we have social security numbers with #NIN integrated to #SIMs.

#PVCISUSELESS if the usually manual voting process is formed in such a way to discourage electorate.

With e-voting via internet, USSD code on Sim cards, poling units combined with a transparent digital central system where everyone can see election results in real time from any part of the world is the way to go if we must transform this nation state called Nigeria positively.

Yes, #PVCisUseless when some people have stolen enough from us to buy people's minds and votes and leave them with nothing for the following 4years.

In the case of our nation, motivating people to get #PVC is to make them get an hourly means of livelihood for selling their votes at poling units.

We keep saying go get PVC when all candidates projected with our commonwealth are not for the people's interests but personal and selfish interest. In that case, voting is useless. PVC is of no value.

Let's stop blaming someone else for our failures, I mean the failures to take that risky and difficult responsibility geared towards our national transformation.

 2023 Election is looming. It's another opportunity for all of us to select the right leadership that we deliver on our expectations, and not the usual set of folks whose heads are full of deceit.

It's time the influencials, quality leaders and intellectuals rose up and compete with failure, gross incompetency and halt the looming national disintegration.

It's all our responsibilities, notwithstanding your religion or ethnicity. What's common in our interests is good governance, quality lives, healthcare, infrastructural amenities, functional systems, job provision and sustainable economy that will be friendly for businesses to thrive, quality education, electricity and several other basic expectancies of all Nigerians.

Thursday, 29 October 2020

The decadence of Nigeria was long in the making by Dr. Bola Awosika Oyeleye

The decadence of Nigeria was long in the making by Dr. Bola Awosika Oyeleye


Let me state this: The decadence of Nigeria was long in the making. 

While the Nigerian youth is angry today, Diasporans have been angry for a long time. Angry that they had to leave, and angrier that they can’t come back, leaving many feeling like they’re in exile. 

The exodus and disenchantment started in the 80s. Ask your parents about the ‘Andrew’ commercial  and ‘checking out’ (played by Enebeli Elebuwa, if my memory serves me).

Before many of us left, we also did our bit to ‘soro soke’. ‘Ali Must Go’ on my mind. Ask your parents.

Notable University of Ife activists included Dele Babatunde of blessed memory, Wole Olaoye, Femi Falana, Femi Kuku, Victor Oladokun, Obinna Duruji, Greg Obong Oshotse and others. We all were involved in campus politics.

I can’t remember the student activists from the other campuses, but I believe Gbenga Emmanuel Fakile was the students union president in Unilag one of those years. Gbenga was a former classmate of mine at Ibadan Polytechnic Basic Studies.

Though originally from Unilag, I must pay homage to the late Mr. Segun Okeowo, the tireless leader of the Nigerian Union of Students. He took OBJ on and paid the price.

Unilag expelled him. Ife later admitted him, during which time I, along with then Deola Ayodeji had the pleasure of sitting side by side with him in some of our classes in the English department.

A more subdued man, but he maintained a dignity that was enthralling, still. We obtained our degrees the same day. May he rest in peace.

Can anyone forget the day OBJ came to Fajuyi Hall and the amazing leadership provided by the late Dele Babatunde, who probably had not turned 21 at that time. 

Many left the country, most stayed, all still yearning for a better Nigeria. Your parents may look old and irrelevant in your eyes. That will be a mistake. Ask them how it was. You might learn something.

I understand that this government acquiesced early in the protest and agreed to your initial requests. 

I can tell you without any fear of contradiction that that has never happened in the history of Nigeria. Nigeria’s young democracy did that. If you don’t know where we’ve been, you won’t appreciate where we are.

That was more than we got from OBJ and his military govt.

Our rallying cry was: “We no go pay o! We no go pay! Extra kobo, we no go pay!”

Have you heard this one?:

‘Soli, soli, soli 

Solidarity forever, solidarity forever

Solidarity forever,

We shall always fight for our rights’ 

(Sung to the tune of John Brown’s Body Lies a Mouldering in the Grave).

Well, Ali didn’t go, and we paid the one naira increase(200% increase per meal) in cafeteria food that we were rejecting.

Not only did Ali not go. I understand that he went on to become PDP chairman and a senator!

Many protests occurred in those years, and many lives were lost. I remember Wemimo Akinbolu, among others. May they all rest in peace. 

Yet, activism and agitation continued until Nigeria became democratic. 

Do you know that OBJ wanted a third term? But he didn’t get it. You were not the ones that fought that fight. Your parents did.

Your parents also put their heads down to work and give you the opportunities you have that allowed you to mount the uprising that you just accomplished. 

Many of them have battle scars that they have carefully hidden from you. Now you know.

Most of the civilian leaders have been ex-military. So, we’ve had a ‘para-military’ democracy. So, it’s a case of ‘hot potato’. 

This government just got caught holding the potato. No be today. 

There’s movement, but it is slow & nearly imperceptible. This is where your own vision comes in.  

You can’t burn it all down, & you can’t be complacent, either. What solutions does your ‘woke’, internet savvy, generation have?

Unfortunately, the young ones destroying properties today will be voted into office tomorrow, and will go the way of their predecessors. 

What have they demonstrated so far that gives any indication that they will be different? Like begets like. 

A house cannot be built in the air without a foundation. Do not disparage or discount what went before. You should do your part, but build on something. 

All politics is local. International bodies can talk and condemn. The next day, a new crisis will subsume your own.

Do you have a voter’s card? Anyone over 18 who claims that their elders failed them should show how they have voted in previous elections. 

Did you vote? If you voted, did you vote based on issues or based on your tribal leaning? 

Did you take as much interest in the politics of your locale? Or was Election Day a vacation for you or for watching Big Brother? That was then. What do you plan to do in future? 

Do you know the name of your local government chairman and councilors? 

Do you know the amount of money those people are voted? What about your governor? Who is watching him/her?

Do the ‘angry youth’ know the budget of their states of origin and what the money is earmarked for, and whether it gets done? 

Do you know the names and locations of your state & National Assembly members and hold them accountable? 

Is Lagos the seat of federal government? 

Do you know the difference between the responsibility of the state and federal government? 

You can’t take over a system you don’t understand. 2023 is on the horizon. Is there a strategy? 

Let’s not kid ourselves, protests are just a means of venting and creating awareness. And sometimes, we all need to vent. 

However, venting does not produce long term positive results if the real work is not done. 

We are all culprits regarding why Nigeria is the way it is. We cannot rile against a system that we perpetuate. 

Is it ‘government’ that buys or sells exam questions? 

Is it ‘the leaders’ that sit on your file in those offices until you have ‘appreciated’ them?

Is it the ‘leaders’ that import fake drugs? 

Is Buhari the one driving facing on-coming traffic in your town?

Is it Buhari that sells the same piece of land to different people? 

Is that person who builds your house with more sand than cement in government? 

What about your mechanic that claims to have replaced something with a new part but only cleans the old one? 

The lecturer that fails a student for not providing special ‘benefits’ nko? 

Everyone knows a Diasporan who has tried to return to do something for the benefit of the country. 

They have mostly been frustrated out of there, not by the government or leaders, but by the people that they’re trying to help, many of them among the ‘youth’. You can’t ignore that.

After ‘soro-soke’ nko? There should be ‘ise bere’(work begins). 

Is anyone ready to do the work that is required? Soro soke is not enough o. 

You must task yourselves with building the country you want, and that requires work. 

Anyone who disagrees that the real work is more than talk is not telling you the truth. 

Nation building is hard. It requires skills that many still need to learn. It is not too late. The internet is full resources. But who will stand up for that? 

As many have now learnt, the razzmatazz of social media, though exhilarating, is fleeting. The smoke is clearing. 

After protests and venting should come planning and dialogue. 

That process requires listening, compromise, and a balancing of interests, especially in a patchwork amalgamation called Nigeria.

Many of us don’t have the capacity for that yet, but we must try. 

Let the young people who wish to lead begin from the basics. You can’t #hashtag a new Nigeria into existence.

It is entirely possible that as soon as leaders emerge, the ‘youth’ movement will fracture into tribal and social camps. 

That is a challenge you must face and tackle. 

I promise you that a lot of well-intentioned Nigerians at home and abroad will rise & help you build. And you will need them, because you can’t do it alone.

Otherwise, the rot continues and you will be an integral part of it. #isebere


Wednesday, 17 June 2020

E-learning: The way to go in Nigeria Tertiary Institutions, Olatuja Gabriel-Wealth Tells ASUU

E-learning: The way to go in Nigeria Tertiary Institutions, Olatuja Gabriel-Wealth Tells ASUU

It was in the news recently that the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, said that E-learning cannot work in Nigeria. I want to air my opinion here. 

I have identified 3 factors that won't make e-Learning work efficiently in Nigeria:

1. Poor electric power supply - what happens when students who wants to attend online class have not means of charging or powering their devices and can't afford alternative means of electricity ?

2. Expensive and poor internet services -Nigerian internet providers are exploiters. You buy N2k data, it gets exhausted for just updating an app. This is coupled with the poor internet connections experienced across all Internet Service Providers, iSPs.

3. Poverty - the poverty in the land has made it impossible or unaffordable for most students to get the best from e-learning. For example, not all students can afford a smartphone or a PC. Not all students can have the funds to constantly subscribe to internet services. 

What's my point? 

E-learning is the solution to Nigeria's poor and under-standard education system. E-learning will solve the problem of academic facilities across our tertiary institutions. 

Most of our youth ended up becoming uneducated because of the competitiveness of the available space in the institutions. These are youth who have passed all necessary exams from SSCE, JAMB and Post-Jamb. They end up not being admitted because there's no space in the institutions.

How about a class room or lecture theatre meant for 80 students being used for 2,000 students in a single lecture ?

With e-learning, every student has access to education from the comfort of their homes. With e-learning, education in Nigeria would be improved at the rate of 10,000% and the rate at which high numbers of people become educated would be more and faster.

This will be effective if the problems of electricity, internet services and poverty is solve. Hence, our government has the large chunks of the responsibility to make it work and work better. 

E-learning is the way to go. ASUU and its members should embrace e-learning now before its too late. 

The lecturers should train and upgrade themselves to be fit for e-lecturing. It's happening in other countries, it is happening here already, it can be better. 

The lecturers should update themselves with the necessary soft skills and expertise to deliver well to their students via e-learning.

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Telemedicine in Nigeria: How it Works, Benefits - By Olatuja Gabriel-Wealth

Telemedicine in Nigeria: How it Works, Benefits - By Olatuja Gabriel-Wealth

By Olatuja Gabriel-Wealth 

I remember sometimes ago when I had an idea about telemedicine also know as telehealth. Knowing fully well that its a Mega and capital intensive project I couldn't afford only. I contacted some individuals and medical practitioners. None seemed to be interested.

That was the question to provide healthcare go those in both urban and rural areas as well as the under-served and unserved.

As we talk now, telehealth is one of the trending industries in Nigeria. 

On telehealth  websites or app, you can have access to medical doctors live in a video call or chat. You pay a fee ranging from 1-5k per month. 

Now that covid19 has made hospital inaccessible to the people, telehealth is the best choice for medical care. 

Right from the comfort of your home or office, you can have access to pools of medical doctors who specialise in different areas in medicine. 

Right on the platform, your doctor can run diagnosis and examination on you and give adequate prescriptions. If on the other hand you need to be attended to in a health facility, you can visit any of the partnering health facilities nearest to you. 

Telehealth is a way to bring healthcare to under served in both urban and rural areas who don't have access to medical expects in their location. 

A patient in Kano can consult a doctor in Abuja. A patient in Ondo State can consult a doctor in another State, say Rivers, Lagos... 

Telemedicine is an alternative to queuing and spending hours of your time in a hospital ward on a minor issue. 

You will ask me that some Nigerian are illiterate and some don't have access to smartphone or internet. This is a downside to tech solutions in Nigeria. 

Some of the operators have been able to identify the problems and found a way to mitigate them. 

Some of the operators of the telehealth platforms have gone further to provide toll-free-lines to users who don't have access to smartphones, data, internet or even the non-tech savvy, who can't use an app. This solution is where you easily make free call and you get queued and attended to by doctors like when you call Telecom customer service centers. 

Now the question is:

can you use telemedicine? 

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Wednesday, 6 May 2020

The No Pain, No Gain: The Reward of Banning foreign Rice by Olatuja Gabriel-Wealth

The No Pain, No Gain: The Reward of Banning foreign Rice by Olatuja Gabriel-Wealth

By Olatuja Gabriel-Wealth.


This is Nigerian rice. It has improved from what it used to be in the past months. No rocks of stones in this one. It is cleaner and sweet. 


A paint container full of rice in mile 12 Lagos ranges from #1,800-#2,000 while the foreign ones are solve at a range of #2,200-#2,500.

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I personally want to say kudos to president Muhammadu Buhari @mbuhari for this hard decision on the ban on importation of rice. 

Although, a lot of smugglers still bring in foreign rice into the country and they are sold everywhere. The government should look into a more stricter means to curb smuggling in rice to reduce competition with the local producer. 

Meanwhile, so many investors are now going into rice farming in Nigeria. 

The rice market is huge. FAS Lagos forecasts Nigeria's rice consumption in MY 2018/19 at 7.5 MMT, up over 5.5 percent compared to the previous marketing year. In 2020, this value may be doubled.

Rice is a good source of foreign exchange. A more cleaner rice can now be exported to other African countries. 

As the oil price has crashed, the government meets to put more efforts in diversified economy. 

When the decision to ban the important of rice was take a by the federal government, a lot of Nigerians complained about the decision. Nigerians expected the government to have put plans in place and even have huge volume of locally produce rice in stock before the ban. That would have been an alternative for the people to eat. 

Diversification is very important at this point if we must have a better economy.

Saturday, 2 May 2020

The Danger in Prolonged use of Face Mask

The Danger in Prolonged use of Face Mask

 By  Dr. Dennis A Castro B
Prolonged use of the mask produces hypoxia.

 Breathing over and over exhaled air turns into carbon dioxide, which is why we feel dizzy.

 This intoxicates the user and much more when he must move, carry out displacement actions.

 It causes discomfort, loss of reflexes and conscious thought.

 It generates great fatigue.

 In addition, oxygen deficiency causes glucose breakdown and endangered lactic acid rise.

 Some people drive their car with the mask on, that is very dangerous, because, the stale air can make the driver lose consciousness.

 It is recommended to use it only if you have someone in front or very close, and it is important to remember to lift it every 10 minutes to continue feeling healthy.

 It is counterproductive for people who serve the public for 8 hours, as they are intoxicating themselves without knowing it.

 All lives are important.! "
 That prevention does not lead you to another problem ... let's use the mask knowingly.

Friday, 24 April 2020

The Way Forward to Becoming a Great Nation - By Matthew Mackintosh

The Way Forward to Becoming a Great Nation - By Matthew Mackintosh

Matthew Mackintosh

By Matthew Mackintosh

Matthew, a Yanegoa based technology entrepreneur said there's need to diversity the economy and invest in human capital development. 

The challenges of not diversifying the economy and investing on human capital development.

We all know how the price of oil crashed few days ago and the impact it had on economies dependent on it.

I pray for the future of our dear oil rich nation; Nigeria.

The very two things that boost the economy of any great nation and transform such nation from being a third world nation to being a  first world nation is first investing on Human Capital Development, second is Creating an Enabling Environment for all to thrive and the third but not the least is  Diversifying the Nations Economy. With these in place, we are sure of progressing to first world nation.

Again we should stop hyping and praising our leaders over projects executed; it was basically the reason we elected them to office. Projects are the duty they owe each and everyone of us. We should criticize them to make them do more, rather than rain praises on them.

There are a lot of lessons to be learnt from the Novel Covid-19 pandemic era.

Matthew also added that farming and it’s benefits every day and most importantly in this period of the lockdown cannot be undermined and it's an industry that government and investors  should tap into. Government should empower the farmers and provide enabling environment for farming. With this we can be a major exporter of farm produce in the continent. 

Hence, Incentives should be given to farmers as farming can really boost the GDP of the economy by a landslide. I stand to be corrected on this one. 

The importance of ICT and it’s role in the period of the lockdown. 

Establishment would begin to seek the services of ICT experts, which is good for those in the technological industry. Hence, there's need for more capacity building in the technology space. 

Government can collaboration with private sectors to achieve this. 

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Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Is 5G an Agenda to Depopulate the Earth? See what people are saying

Is 5G an Agenda to Depopulate the Earth? See what people are saying

Sheena Alexandria, a Futurist and Investigative Journalist in California, USA said this on her platform "The Sheena Showdown" that the negative health risk of 5G is aimed at depopulating human beings on earth. 

Many people fear that the 5G is a big experiment; to reduce the number of humans on this planet.

The Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, Bill Gates and the rest, think we are wasteful, greedy and damaging Earth.

I've read their books, seen their videos;
I've heard them say the same thing. 

I've learned about the mischief they've gotten into in the past; I've discovered their plans for the future.
I've seen their confidence and conviction.

At one point, and I believe that point is now.
We'll need to withdrawal confidence in the state.
We'll need to trust each other with our lives, and livelihoods.

I look forward to the day that you and I can make decisions; make money and beautiful memories together without a 3rd party getting involved. 

I look forward to the day that I can give YOU my tax money;
for products and services you and your business provides without a 3rd party stealing it from me.

I look forward to the day where we have full ownership of our bodies, spirits and souls without a 3rd party reaping the rewards of our energy.

As a new decade approaches and a new president is elected in 2020, I think its time to start thinking inwardly, and not externally to the personal decisions that we need to make for our health, wealth and happiness. 

Its time to change the belief of in authority in government.

Thanks to everyone who has shined a light and shown me how beautiful this planet could be if we all worked cooperatively with love, respect and integrity inside our local communities. 

Lisa Ellsmore, a follower of The Sheena Showdown also commented that "Insects and bee's and live stock are dying, we are next. 5G is going to be the end of our world including those installing it... A disaster waiting to happen."

5G Technology - It's Good. It's Bad

5G Technology - It's Good. It's Bad

Recently, various major Telecommunications firms have been covertly installing 5th generation 
(5G) small cell masts at a relentless pace (often materialising overnight) across the UK, and particularly in your area. 

5G antenna emit ultra-high frequency and ultra-high intensity millimetre waves (as opposed to microwave frequencies used by 3G and 4G) and have a very short range (approx. 300 metres) so there needs to be at least one or two 5G “small cell’ antenna installed on every single street (either as masts, on rooftops, lampposts, disguised as trees, concealed in manholes, by 
schools etc), making them extremely infrastructure intensive. 

Why implement so fast? Why so 
quiet about it? 

Cell phone masts are proven to create significant levels of electromagnetic radiation (considered a carcinogen by the World Health Organisation). Currently over 2,000 peer reviewed studies show direct links with cell phone towers / radiation and significant increases in serious illnesses. 

One particular study in 1994 (well before 3G, 4G and 5G) links significant health problems with people living in a London apartment building with a cell phone mast on the roof. 

In this study, those living on the top floor of the apartment building - the closet to the tower, had a cancer rate of 10 times the average in England. So the closer you live or work to a cell mast, the greater the risk to health. 

The undeniable associated health risks include cancer, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, depression, blindness, birth defects, miscarriages, heart disease, tingly skin sensations, mood swings, infertility, a plethora of mental illnesses, damage to DNA, and much more (based just on 3G and 4G signal strength radiation - not the more powerful 5G network, which will be far worse). 

Since the advent of 3G and 4G, (and Wi-Fi), fertility levels have been plummeting (where do you keep your phone?), as have insect numbers - especially bees (dead bugs rarely hit your windscreen when driving anymore), as well as increasing cancer rates and a whole host of other illnesses (particularly neurological). This is no coincidence. However EMF radiation from cell masts, phones, and other wireless devices is always conveniently dismissed as the cause by official outlets without investigation. 

The frequencies utilized in military crowd control weapons (and other military weaponry technological patents) are also within the same range covered by 5G. MI6 and the MOD have 
expressed serious concerns over the fact these 5G antenna are Chinese built, potentially threatening national security. 

Nevertheless, telecomms companies have been granted permission to litter our streets with these masts, and without the need to acquire local planning permission. Capitalising on this, they have also been installing many new style 3G/4G masts (also known as monopoles) across the city at the same time. 

Of most concern however, this new 5G network is being approved, rolled out and forced upon you without any prior safety testing, no regulation, nor discussion with or consent from the 

Wherever you go, you’ll be bathed in unsafe wireless RF-EMF radiation 24/7/365, like it or not. 

Government and local councils use Public Health England (PHE) that quotes old pre 2011 (and since disproved) scientific data from ANGIR (now disbanded) to justify this. They also carefully caveat every statement with wording saying this debunked data only “suggests” radio waves to be safe (sufficient grounds to gamble your health upon?), so as to avoid liability. Cash strapped local councils have also been ignoring or circumventing FOIA requests on 5G (and LED Street Lighting - also hazardous, and 5G capable CCTV is going up everywhere at an alarming rate too). 

Why? What’s being kept from us? 
Labelled by thousands of scientists as a “massive experiment on the health of all species and the environment”, and who are also petitioning the roll out to the UN, there is no question 
that these EMFs pose a very real threat. Children, the elderly, and animals are most at risk. 

So how is it that this type of thing is legal and allowed to be approved, without prior and suitable independent safety testing, and despite all the seriously compelling health concerns? 

One thing is for sure… safety tests have been avoided because they are guaranteed to fail. 

5G could well turn out to be the modern day equivalent of asbestos, smoking – or perhaps even worse. 

What can you do? 
This is not designed to scare, however it is important that you are appropriately informed as to what is going on without your prior knowledge or consent. 

Also nobody is saying you need to throw away all your mobile devices. Technology is great if it is safe, however if obvious health risks exist, we need to know. Although it is starting to slip into the news, the media still remains largely silent on the dangers.

- Doing your own research is strongly recommended. Don’t simply take my word for it (or especially not those who have a financial interest in the rollout). Just a few suggestions to get started: 

• Search online for “5G negative health effects” and “5G military crowd control 

• Pay close attention to the fine print and T’s & C’s for your wireless devices. 

• Environmental Health Trust - has a plethora of useful info on 5G 

• The “Stop 5G UK” and “Stop 5G” Facebook groups are reputable and have useful info (however discern with care various smaller deliberate disinformation groups disguised 
as ‘anti-5G’ groups). 

• Look into the work of Mark Steele, a telecomms engineer and expert on the matter 

- Let neighbours, colleagues, friends and family know so they are informed and empowered too. 

For more information on the  ways to limit exposure to EMFs. Visit and

- If you or anyone you know works within the legal field, perhaps consider looking into how to take legal action under the Human Rights Act against those responsible / complicit. See  

In fact anything you can think of to generate awareness would help significantly. 
are being switched on during 2019 and 2020. However we do have the power to prevent this, 
but must collectively take a stand against these direct violations to our health and human