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Wednesday, 15 April 2020

How to Permanently Wipe Stretch Marks From your Body Without Spending a Dime

How to Permanently Wipe Stretch Marks From your Body Without Spending a Dime

Stretch marks can have causes that aren't due to underlying disease. Examples include pregnancy, weight gain in obesity, growth spurts in teenagers, medication side effects or a rapid increase in muscle size through weightlifting.

it's very common in people who gained or lose weight due to one or more activities.

it may be due to pregnancy, sports, or health issues. If you can follow the guidelines and do accordingly, surely you will never witness stretch marks in your body or skin.

1. Snail Liquid or fluid (water)

Snail is a great skin treatment; it is not only eaten, but stand as a calcium for the freshness of the skin. It is also used for the treatment of varieties of diseases or illnesses, but our main focus is on the treatment of stretched marks- the topic of discussion.

2. Honey

Honey is very important, when you talk about it's medical usefulness. It has other medical usefulness, but our focus is how it can be used to wipe Stretch marks from the body.

3. Milk

Milk is a protein which gives energies, but also used as a skin nourishment. It helps to build up the skin in a person.

The snail, honey, and asses' milk were clearly valued for their medicinal properties, and it's fascinating that they have renewed purpose.

follow the steps below;

step 1: Add snail liquid, honey, milk, and mix them together.

Step 2: pray in it, and Apply them to the stretch marks or skin.

Note: no side effects is attached to it. All ingredients are sources or classes of food.

-know you're not paying me for this. All you need to do is to comment, like, and share to others for more information.

Friday, 31 January 2020

US Embassy Denies Bishop David Oyedepo Visa

US Embassy Denies Bishop David Oyedepo Visa

On Thursday, Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide, also known as Winners’ Chapel International was denied a visa by US Embassy based in Lagos.
It was gathered that the embassy did not give any other reason except the standard default explanation that the Bishop did not qualify for visa renewal in its assessment and urged him to try again.
However, the preacher and businessman created scene even as he queried the grounds for his refusal, as he had been traveling to the states as far back as the 1980s and had not violated any rules or committed any crime to have warranted being denied a renewal of his visa.
The news was trending on twitter and these are some of the comments on the social media:
US Embassy Denies Bishop David Oyedepo Visa
On Thursday, Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide, also known as Winners’ Chapel International was denied visa by US Embassy based in Lagos.
It was gathered that the embassy did not give any other reason except the standard default explanation that the Bishop did not qualify for visa renewal in its assessment and urged him to try again.
However, the preacher and businessman created scene even as he queried the grounds for his refusal, as he had been traveling to the states as far back as the 1980s and had not violated any rules or committed any crime to have warranted being denied a renewal of his visa.
The news was trending on twitter and these are some of the comments on social media:

Monday, 6 January 2020

VIDEO: Buratai Dares Insurgents, Climbs ‘Dreaded’ Gwoza Hills In Borno

VIDEO: Buratai Dares Insurgents, Climbs ‘Dreaded’ Gwoza Hills In Borno

The Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai recently climbed the dreaded Gwoza hill in Borno State, an enclave notorious for habiting Boko Haram terrorists.
In a gesture that appears to be daring the terrorists in their hideout, as well as shoring up the people’s confidence in the military, Buratai climbed the hills in the symbolic defeat of the insurgents.

Buratai after climbing the hills assured the people of Gwoza that areas, where the insurgents hibernate, have been identified.
He vowed that the army will ramp up operations to clear them out.
This action by the Chief of Army Staff follows the outcry of Borno residents who believe Boko Haram insurgents are lurking around the mountain.
Gwoza was liberated from the hands of insurgents in March 2015 after serving as the caliphate of the insurgents for many months.
Nearly five years after, indigenes are still unable to settle down to their normal lives and livelihood with the fear that Boko Haram insurgents can fire missiles from behind the mountain into the town.
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Sunday, 1 December 2019

NDLEA arrests man with 1,072 kg of marijuana in Niger ON DECEMBER 1, 2019

NDLEA arrests man with 1,072 kg of marijuana in Niger ON DECEMBER 1, 2019

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Niger State Command, has arrested one suspect with 1,072 kg of substances suspected to be marijuana in Mokwa local government area of the state. The NDLEA Commander in the state, Mrs. Sylvia Egwunwoke, disclosed this in Minna, the state capital, on Sunday.

Egwunwoke said the 56-year-old suspect is from Bangi village in Mariga local government area of the state. She disclosed that the suspect, who had just finished his jail term for a similar offence on October 8, was arrested following through intelligence report that he was transporting the prohibited weeds to Sokoto State.

The NDLEA commander said: “The suspect was arrested by the command last year along Kontagora with 64kg of Indian Hemp and was convicted by a court and served a one-year jail term. READ ALSO: NDLEA arrests man over alleged possession of 800 grams of drugs

”The command will, however, not relent in curbing the activities of drug peddlers in the state and the nation at large.” She appealed to members of the public to always report any suspicious activity of drug peddlers to relevant authorities, to rid the state of drug trafficking and its attendant crises.

“We have since reached out to traditional and religious leaders to mobilize residents to give relevant information on those with illegal business in their midst,” she added.


Wednesday, 14 August 2019

‘Kirikiri’ Prison Better Than Indian Hospital- El-Zakzaky

‘Kirikiri’ Prison Better Than Indian Hospital- El-Zakzaky

Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), says the current situation in India is worse than what he and his wife experienced in Nigeria. El-Zakzaky, who had been in detention since 2015, left the country for medical treatment in India on Monday based on an order of a Kaduna state high court.
But barely two days after his arrival, El-Zakzaky raised the alarm that his situation is from frying pan to fire. In an audiotape released on Wednesday, the cleric claimed that he is being re-detained under heavy security, expressing the desire to return home.
Below are five points raised by the cleric:
 El-Zakzaky certainly expected more when he boarded this flight
El-Zakzaky said there was an agreement that he and his wife would be tended to by doctors they approved of in Medanta Hospital in India. He said, however, upon arrival, they met another set of doctors different from the ones they had chosen.
“We are happy and we know that by coming here, we’ll get a befitting hospital that will perform the surgery. The medical advice to come to this hospital which they call Mendata was given to us by some foreign doctors that visited us in Nigeria and that was why we requested we should be brought to this hospital,” El-Zakzaky said.
“While in Nigeria, we got information that the United States Embassy had given and instruction that we shouldn’t be accepted in this hospital when we arrive. Back home in Nigeria, they agreed that nobody should take us to any other hospital aside from the hospital of our choice but we got to realize that the doctors they brought to us were there just to give advice. We then told them we won’t allow any other doctor aside our trusted doctors to attend to us so that they don’t do to us what they couldn’t do with their bullets in Nigeria.”


El-Zakzaky says there’s a bullet in his wife’s body” We came here for medical treatment due to some ailments that I and my wife Zeenat have been suffering from. There is a bullet in Zeenat’s body and there is also the need for her to get her two knee caps replaced amongst other ailments,” he said.
“On my own part, there are also particles of bullets that were broken into pieces in my eyes, hands, and thighs which have been poisonous to my body. I think what they are supposed to do first of all is to extract these bullets which I know the surgery cannot be done in Nigeria hence the reason for my referral abroad.
“Secondly, the poison needs to be extracted from my body, some of it they said is in my bones and they said the surgery will take some time. I also have problems with my eyes. Since after the second surgery, my eyes have been weak which I was also advised to travel to India for surgery.”
 Are these among the officials the cleric doesn’t trust?
He said he was informed by the hospital management that there was an attempted siege on them at the airport and hospital entrance.
“While driving from the airport to the hospital in an ambulance, the staff of the hospital was narrating how some people besieged the airport just to see us before proceeding to the hospital, but they (the hospital) tricked them by keeping two ambulances at the location where my supporters were waiting and drove us out in another ambulance at a different location,” he said.

“They also said another set of people besieged the hospital just to see our arrival but they decided to use an alternative entrance to the hospital because they were trying to avert any stampede.
“When we got here, a staff of the Nigerian embassy told us that they already assembled with the staff of this hospital and security operatives discussing on what to do when we arrive. They later took us to an Indian security outfit that is even more sophisticated than the one we were kept in Nigeria.”
El-Zakzaky said he and his wife would refuse treatment from any doctor except the ones they have chosen.
He alleged that the new doctors may “do to us what they couldn’t do with their bullets in Nigeria.”
“We then told them we won’t allow any other doctor aside our trusted doctors to attend to us so that they don’t do to us what they couldn’t do with their bullets in Nigeria,” he said.
According to El-Zakzaky, he and his wife were placed under security tighter than that of Nigeria.
He said the situation there would affect his psychology worse than Kirikiri maximum prison in Nigeria would do to him.
“All what we have seen here, have shown us that there is no trust, they just brought us here for another detention. I have been in detention for about thirteen years but I’ve never seen this kind of security that I’m seeing here, even at the door of my hospital room, there are many security personnel waiting, heavily armed,” he said.
“They didn’t even allow me to go to the next room, I started asking myself, all these while I’ve been in detention, I’ve never seen this type. Even if I’m in the cell, they usually lock us up around 9 p.m. and open the cell around 7 a.m. and they allow us to go anywhere we want in the area we are in.
“Even Kirikiri prison will not affect me psychologically like this one. It will not be possible for us to come out of detention just to get medical attention and now find ourself in another form of detention”
He further said he could not trust the Indian authorities, citing Malaysia, Indonesia and Turkey as preferred destinations.
“We won’t submit ourselves to people we don’t trust. There is a need for us to go back home since it has been agreed that we should travel out to get medical attention and India is not a place we can trust,” he said.
“There are other countries that have volunteered to take care of our treatment, some are Malaysia, Indonesia and Turkey. We can choose from amongst these three.”

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Revolutionnow: Court Remands Sowore in Detention For ‘Terrorism’

Revolutionnow: Court Remands Sowore in Detention For ‘Terrorism’

The Federal High Court has granted the State Security Service an approval to keep Omoyele Sowore in custody for initial 45 days.

Taiwo Taiwo of the Abuja Division also said the SSS would get additional permission to keep locking Mr Sowore up for his activism.

Mr Sowore had called for a good governance revolution in Nigeria last week, drawing immediate fears from President Muhammadu Buhari and other elements in his government.

Mr Sowore was arrested in Lagos on August 3 by SSS operatives who stormed his apartment.
The arrest came two days before the nationwide protest was scheduled to take place on August 5 across the country.

After keeping Mr Sowore in custody for more than 48 hours in violation of the law, the SSS asked a federal judge for permission to further incarcerate him and was granted on Thursday morning.

Despite the SSS admitting that it had no evidence of a plot to take over government against Mr Sowore, the judge still granted the secret police permission to keep him under the anti-terrorism law.

The remand order was granted ex-parte, meaning Mr Sowore was not allowed to be represented by a lawyer and the judge took the decision based on only the claim of the SSS.

The judge, Taiwo Taiwo, ruling on an ex parte application filed by the SSS, whose operatives arrested Mr Sowore on August 3 in Lagos, held that the detention order would be renewable after the expiration of first 45 days on September 21.

The SSS had on Tuesday applied for permission to keep Mr Sowore for 90 days to investigate him over his call for revolution ahead of the #RevolutionNow protests which held in some parts of the country on Monday.

The security agency anchored its application on the provision of section 27(1) of the Terrorism (Prevention) Amendment Act.

Ruling on ex parte application, a one-sided request by the SSS without counter-argument by Mr Sowore’s legal team, Mr Taiwo, said he had to grant the application, “only to the extent” of allowing the security agency to keep the respondent in custody for only 45 days for the applicant to conclude its investigation.

Mr Taiwo said, although the hearing of the application was one-sided as provided by 27(1) of the Terrorism (Prevention) Amendment Act, the use of the word, “may”, in the provision “is directory” and not “discretionary”.

He said he would, therefore, be failing in his duty not to grant the request for a detention order.

He also said should the applicant require more time to conclude its investigation after the expiration of the first 45 days, it had the liberty to apply for its renewal.

Source: Newsflash247

Fuel Scarcity Hits Cross River, Black Dealers Return To The Streets

Fuel Scarcity Hits Cross River, Black Dealers Return To The Streets

Scarcity of petroleum has resurfaced in Calabar, the Cross River State capital.

The cause of the scarcity may not be unconnected with the leadership tussle by members of Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN).

Our correspondent who went round filling stations in Calabar observed that black market dealers have returned to the streets, as filling stations closed shops.

It was gathered that a litre of fuel goes for N200 and N250 against N145.

The State Governor, Prof Ben Ayade having observed the crisis between the leadership of IPMAN constituted a three man task force to address the issue of fuel scarcity in the state.

The members of the task force are Chief Tony Undiandeye, Chairman, Pastor Barr Edem Ekong, member and Rt. Hon Itaya Nyong member.

A press release issued by the permanent secretary, Ministry of Information and Orientation, Mr Aye Henshaw had directed the task force members to liaise with the relevant stakeholders, including the Police, IPMAN as well as other stakeholders to resolve the issue within 24 hours and return all filling stations to full operations.

“In view of the recent fuel scarcity in the state which has brought untold hardship to the citizenry, government has constituted a three man task force to liaise with the relevant stakeholders and address the issue in the interest of the public.

“The task force is also charge with liaising with the state commissioner of Police, IPMAN as well as other stakeholders to resolve the issue within 24 hours and return all filling stations to full operations.

“Members of the public are therefore request to remain calm as government is doing everything possible to restore the fuel situation to normalcy”, he said.

The State government had also announced the suspension of the activities of IPMAN.

Revolutionnow: Sowore Didn’t Commit Any Offence – Labour Union Tells Buhari

Revolutionnow: Sowore Didn’t Commit Any Offence – Labour Union Tells Buhari

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has called on Federal Government to release Mr Omoyele Sowore and 26 other protesters arrested on account of the #RevolutionNow protest on Monday.

The body stated that Sowore only exercised within the room of his civic rights.

The publisher of Sahara Reporters and presidential candidate of the African Action Congress in the February 2019 elections were arrested in the early hours of Saturday by operatives of the Department of State Services in Lagos.

The protests held on Aug. 5 in some states of the federation, with security agencies arresting some protesters.

While Sowore was moved to Abuja on Sunday and currently being detained in the custody of the DSS, 26 other protesters have been arraigned in a Lagos court.

NLC General Secretary, Dr Peter Ozo-Eson in a statement on Wednesday said the right to peaceful protests, assembly and association are fully guaranteed by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under sections 39 and 40.

According to him, the NLC view the violent attack on the peaceful protesters by security forces as a total violation of their fundamental rights as guaranteed by the constitution.

“Besides, peaceful protests against perceived anti-people government policies is one of the critical fundamental rights that expands the entrenchment and growth of democracy.

“Sowore and other protesters were not carrying arms against the state and we, therefore, demand their immediate release unconditionally.”

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Tinubu's Call For Revolution In 2014 Resurfaces As Punch, DailyPost, TheNation Delete Story Overnight

Tinubu's Call For Revolution In 2014 Resurfaces As Punch, DailyPost, TheNation Delete Story Overnight

A call by National Leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has resurfaced in the heat of the debate on the semantics of the use #RevolutionNow for the organisation of series of protests against bad governance in Nigeria.

Tinubu made the call five years ago on September 29, 2014, in a statement titled, 'A Return to Decency'.

Omoyele Sowore, human rights activist and pro-democracy campaigner was abducted Gestapo-style and taken to Abuja by the Department of State Services (DSS) on August 3, 2019, for using the phrase #RevolutionNow to plan peaceful demonstrations.

Tinubu's comments which were reported in national newspapers such as The Punch, DailyPost, PM News, The Nation as well as other news platforms.

When SaharaReporters conducted research on Wednesday, however, The Punch, The Nation, and DailyPost had deleted the online version of the story.

But Punch made the error of leaving behind a 2014 tweet which it posted after publishing the story on Twitter.

The story was tweeted on the verified Punch Newspaper Twitter page, @MobilePunch, at exactly 12:36 pm on September 30, 2014.

The 2014 call by the leader of the APC did not attract operatives of the DSS and was not regarded by the Goodluck Jonathan administration as a treasonable felony.

In the report, Tinubu described the 16 years of PDP rule at the federal level as a period of steady decline into disaster.

He said, “The longer they rule, the less benefit the people derive."

The Punch report quoted Tinubu as saying, "Nigeria now needs a ‘common sense revolution', a revolution that calls forth a return to decency, probity, transparency of process and fairness in outcome.“

"This is done not by subterfuge, divide and rule and turning Nigeria in a field of discord or a street of broken institutions.

"It is accomplished by honouring the principles of democratic good governance and economic justice.

"It is done by persuading the people they are better off as one instead of better off tearing at one another’s throats.“Nigerians should be prepared for change.

"We must rescue Nigeria from those set to cause it irreparable harm. The change I talk about is the only route to our deliverance from 16 years of the PDP locusts."

He described Jonathan’s transformation agenda as an avenue to siphon funds through a dubious blueprint.

Tinubu stated, “They do not have a national blueprint or vision. They do have a blueprint and vision for excessive self-enrichment.

"Their equation is simple: You work, they feast. You toil, they grow fat. You seek a decent wage; they pilfer the collective treasury to enjoy a king’s ransom.”

Other popular Nigerians in the past had also called for a revolution.

On November 30, 2018, Kingsley Moghalu, presidential candidate of the Young Progressives Party in 2019 in an interview with The Guardian called for young people to "rise up for a revolution in 2019".

Popular Nigerian televangelist, Tunde Bakare, and running mate to President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2011 presidential election on April 3, 2016, called for a revolution to correct the current "leakages in government".

In a story reported by The Punch, Bakare had said: “While appreciating the positive developments in our democratic experience, especially the attempts by past and current governments to eliminate systemic leakages, I shall seek to prove that, by a fair preponderance of the credible evidence, the state of the nation calls for a revolution.

“This is a revolution that transcends politics or policies; a revolution that means far more than any change of government; a revolution that means a radical reformation of values as they impact upon the social, economic and political landscapes of our nation."

On May 15, 2019, the Nigerian senate debated a "poverty-triggered revolution in the country"  following a motion by Senator Chukwuka Utazi.

In a report by PremiumTimes, Utazi had affirmed: “The Senate recognises that what we are witnessing today is a culmination of long years of neglect of the welfare and future of younger generations and unwillingness by both the government and the elites to plan for the future, or read the signs of upheaval.

“Today, the chicken has returned home to roost: the downtrodden are revolting. Hitherto docile beggars have risen in arms forcing those with powers of patronage to beg for safety. The elites are being attacked. We have in our hands a dictatorship of the beggars, fuelled by drugs and poverty,

“What we are witnessing is not a spike that will go away. It is the incipient seeds of a revolution and we need to concertedly handle it with care."

Gov El-Rufai To Appeal Against El-Zakzaky’s Travel Trip

Gov El-Rufai To Appeal Against El-Zakzaky’s Travel Trip

The Kaduna State Government has indicated its intention to file an appeal against the Monday’s decision of the state’s High Court which granted permission to the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, Sheikh El-Zakzaky, and his wife, Zeenat, to seek medical trip in New Delhi, India.

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Kaduna State, Mr Dari Bayero, confirmed this to The PUNCH on Tuesday.

This was despite the Monday’s pledge by the Department of State Services, which had been keeping custody of the couple since 2015, to comply with the court’s order.

Bayero said the government would file the appeal against the decision of the court along with “terms of agreement” for the cleric’s planned foreign trip.

He said, “We are filing an appeal against the decision tomorrow (Wednesday).

“We are also filing along with it terms of agreement on the trip.”

However, El-Zakzaky’s lawyer, Mr Femi Falana (SAN), told our correspondent on Tuesday that he was not aware of any terms of agreement to be filed after the “clear and unambiguous” ruling of the court permitting his clients to embark on the foreign medical trip.

Falana said he would go by the announcement by the DSS to comply fully with the order of the court.

He said, “I am not aware of any terms of agreement. The court’s ruling, which was essentially meant to save the lives of the applicants (El-Zakzaky and his wife), is clear and unambiguous.

“The authority, the State Security Service, which is keeping the custody of the applicants, has signified its intention to comply fully with the court order.

READ ALSO:  Ex-PDP Vice National Chairman, Senator Babayo Gamawa, Is Dead
“That is where we stand and it is in line with the rule of law.

“If they are not satisfied with the court’s order they know what to do.”

Justice Dairus Khobo of the Kaduna State High Court had on Monday granted an application by the couple for permission to seek “urgent medical treatment at Medanta Hospital, New Delhi, India and to return to Nigeria (for continuation of trial)  as soon as they are discharged from the hospital.”

The judge directed that the trip must be under the strict supervision of the state government’s officials.

He also warned them not to go to any other hospital apart from the one they requested the court to allow them to visit.

The couple had told the court through the application that they were battling, among other ailments that could not be treated in Nigeria, heavy metal poisoning caused by pellets of gunshots in their body.

The couple’s application was opposed by the Kaduna State Government, insisting that the couple’s ailments could be treated In Nigeria.

El-Zakzaky said he “suffers from severe recurrent stroke and shock,” with his only remaining eye almost going blind.

The cleric said his wife too “suffers from heavy metal poisoning” as a result of “gunshot pellets lodged in the iliac region of the abdomen.”

“That the heavy metabolic poisoning is 200 per cent higher than normal in the body system of each of the applicants,” a further affidavit filed in support of their application stated, in part.

Falana had alleged that the couple were shot at by soldiers in the aftermath of the bloody clash between Shi’ites and the soldiers in the convoy of the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai, in Zaria, Kaduna State in December 2015.

He attached to the application as exhibits medical reports issued after medical tests jointly carried out on the applicants by their personal physicians and government’s doctors.

Monday, 5 August 2019

Herdsmen Carry Arms For Self-Defence – Fulani Group Tells Obasanjo

Herdsmen Carry Arms For Self-Defence – Fulani Group Tells Obasanjo

The National Chairman of Gan Allah Fulani Development Association of Nigeria, Sali Bayari, has explained that herdsmen carry arms to “have balance of terror.”

Bayari lamented that the security chiefs and government failed to pay attention to herdsmen and farmers clashes before the situation escalated.

Bayari stated this on Saturday while meeting with former President Olusegun Obasanjo at his residence in Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library, Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta.

GAFDAN stressed the need for the government and Nigerians to come together to find solution to the herdsmen/farmers’ clashes.

He said, “The issue has gone beyond herdsmen/farmers crisis; it has led to kidnapping and banditry and if we are not careful, it may lead to a kind of jihadist/militant group and that is what we fear.

“We wrote several letters to the authorities even to the security chiefs, but we don’t get any response.

“There are times we begin to wonder whether the security chiefs are more interested in the crisis than in peace.

“We also discovered that there are some people who don’t want peace in this country. We think they have various reasons or a particular interest that is making them not to want peace to reign in the country.

“If all your efforts toward achieving peace would be destroyed by those who are supposed to give you peace, then you begin to look for another means and that is what led to people (herdsmen) arming themselves to have balance of terror.”

The Fulani leader, however, commended the former president for facilitating the meeting to deliberate on how to tackle the security challenges.

He added, “If we had another father like Obasanjo in all the regions, maybe we will not be in this mess. What has brought us into this sorry state is the fact that when a problem starts, the leaders are not always concerned until it gets to the level of self-help.

“The problem we have in this country is that our leaders do not read and therefore not informed and that is why Obasanjo is different. He has made efforts more than those in government.”

In his response, Obasanjo urged everybody to be involved in the fight against insecurity.

Obasanjo also advised Nigerians to stop the blame game and come together to fight the menace of kidnapping, banditry, among other social vices currently threatening the country’s unity.

Speaking about the meeting, Obasanjo said it became imperative to meet with the Fulani leaders in the South-West

The former president explained that the meeting was to deliberate and come up with resolutions that could strengthen the unity of the country.

Obasanjo added, “How to move Nigeria forward irrespective of our religion, ethnicity, training, profession, among others is all came here to discuss.

“There is nobody here who could do all these for us, it is the responsibility of you and me.

“It is not a one man’s job; it is the job for all Nigerians and it is until we see it that way that we can now move forward.

“We should stop passing blame, everybody is involved and everybody should all take the responsibility to correct what is wrong and make it right.”

Also present at the meeting was the spokesperson of Afenifere, Yinka Odumakin and representatives of the Fulani groups across the 36 states.

Provide Land for Ruga Now – Presidency Urges States

Provide Land for Ruga Now – Presidency Urges States

The Federal Government at the weekend urged states to make land available for the controversial RUGA settlement, even as it said N2.258 billion was allocated for the initiative in the 2019 budget.

Disclosing the position of the government when he hosted Akwa Ibom State indigenes from the Law School, Abuja, Ita Enang, Senior Special Assistant on National Assembly Matters to President Muhammadu Buhari, insisted that the word ‘RUGA’ does not derive from Hausa or Fulani but is an acronym for Rural Grazing Area (RUGA), and is not intended to foist any religion or ethnic group on other sections of the country.

Critics of the scheme had accused the Federal Government of covertly trying to Islamise or Fulanise parts of the country.He cited item ERGP 5208 of the 2019 federal budget (for the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development) as containing the fiscal provision, saying allocations were equally made of N300 million for water sanitation, N400 million for the development for sweet potatoes, and N350 million for ginger production.

He expressed surprise over the inability of some states governors to comprehend the policy. According to him, one of the first RUGA programmes is the Obudu Cattle Ranch (now Obudu Mountain Resort) in Cross River State and the Yankari Games Reserve in Bauchi State.

According to Enang, the Federal Government has always made yearly allocations for the funding of grazing areas. He further noted that the National Executive Council (NEC) approved another sum for an emergency RUGA implementation. This, he said, did not involve any state in the south-east, south-west and south-south, but only 10 states mainly in the north-central, and a few others in the north-west and north-east.

National Assembly members are not against the scheme because they are already aware of its modus operandi and have been approving funds for its implementation, the presidential aide said, appealing to Nigerians to stop politicising the matter.Responding, the leader of the students’ delegation, Ndifrake Inyang, said he was now in a better position to enlighten people about RUGA “having known the facts.”

He added: “Sincerely speaking, RUGA is something that everybody would want to have because of the economic derivatives. I also want the RUGA settlement in my state, Akwa Ibom, so that there will be employment and our people can benefit from it and also put to an end to the national crisis, so that we will have one peaceful Nigeria.”

But worries about Fulani herdsmen, beneficiaries of RUGA, and their alleged link to violence, are unlikely to disappear soon. Following Thursday’s murder in Enugu of a Catholic priest, Rev. Fr Offu, by suspected herdsmen, aggrieved adherents of the faith yesterday expressed disapproval at the Federal Government’s handling of security.

Thousands of the faithful had gathered at the Holy Ghost Cathedral to pray for the repose of the late Offu’s soul and for peace in the nation. But when the bishop, Most Rev. Callistus Onaga, disclosed that Buhari had condoled with the church, the audience erupted, shouting: “No! No! No! We don’t want his condolence! He should keep his condolence to himself and stop the killings!”A statement titled ‘Enough Is Enough’ released by the church after the Mass, asked the Enugu State government to urgently flush out “bad Fulani from the state.”

The deceased, 49, will be interred August 20.Also, the Federal Polytechnic Ado Ekiti announced it had begun the construction of a perimeter fence to ward off the alleged invasion of its land by suspected herdsmen.At a press conference heralding the institution’s 17th convocation slated for August 12, the Rector, Hephzibah Oladebeye, disclosed that the school last year lost over N10 million worth of farm produce to the activities of herders.

“This has been our problem from time immemorial. Last year, they destroyed the school farm. It was very painful to us. We were agitated and held a meeting with the herders and security agencies.“We are not going to drive them away but we are commencing the perimeter fence so that their movement, in and out, can be regulated. Again, you have to take permission before you can graze here,” the rector said.

But in an appeal to government at the weekend, the Bauchi State chapter of Miyetti Allah, a body of Fulani herdsmen, said: “Additional earth dams and the expansion of grazing reserves will curtail the clashes between farmers and cattle herdsmen and reduce the movement of the Fulani from one place to another in search of water and grazing reserve.”

The chairman, Muhammadu Husseini, told journalists at a press conference: “All the cattle routes have been taken over by modern roads and houses built by government and individuals. This has put herdsmen in a difficult position.”

Similarly, agric-based firm, Food Work Africa Limited, will hold a national conference on RUGA from September 24 to 27 with a view to solving the herders-farmers conflict.

According to the convener, Ihechukwu Dallas Chima, RUGA has always existed but Buhari is facing resistance on the scheme because he is Fulani. He said the conference will highlight the rules of engagement for both parties, stressing there would be no problem if herders and farmers realised they could benefit economically.“If we don’t solve the crisis now, 20 years to come, there might be no food or beef in the country,” Chima warned.