Thursday 25 February 2021

The Problem of Nigeria is not Bad Leaders, but Good People who are Shying away from Taking the Lead - Gabriel-Wealth Olatuja


Gabriel-Wealth Olatuja, a Nigerian Youth and Businessman has said that the problem of Nigeria is not the bad leaders, but Good People who are shying away from taking the lead.

When it Comes to Power, Government is the next to God. 

It's high time we Christians began to participate in politics, especially in Nigeria.

What we fast and pray for is in the hands of unbelievers. They determine if it happens or not. Yes prayer can make them make things happen. But positioning ourselves to make things happen is much more better than having only the option of prayer.

I am not a religion begot who tries to mastermind infringing on other folks' right to believe systems. I mentioned Christians here because we need to do much better when it comes to participation in politics.

Yes we are working to transform our nation and the world at large from the spiritual realms into the physical. However, that's not enough. Active participation is also key, so that we leave no room for evil people in our public offices and in national and political leadership.

From old testament to the New testament, what's common is politics. Politics means leadership. It's the ability of a group of people to coordinate themselves, protect good interests and achieve a set common goal. Politics is not the dirty game of do or die affairs as we have here.

Hence its our duty to change the narrative.

I wrote an unpolished article where I said almost all we pray to God for in Nigeria are things that government has capacity to do but failed to do.

God has given us the capacity to do things for ourselves. But we go back to God to ask for same since our leaders have failed us.

Let me add this. If government will do they right thing for the people, we will have few things to ask or disturb God for.

"Yes. Government is the next to God. That's why we can't trivialize politics."

When government fails the people, it will look as if God is doing nothing.

We need to be all do the right thing.

The problem of Nigeria is not followership but leadership. Followers follow the pace set by the leaders whether good or bad. That's what we see playing our everywhere, in government, government sectors, offices.... It's not a rocket scientist. It flows from top to bottom, not the other way round.

We all need to be responsible and do the right thing. 

For example, there's no amount of prayer that will change ballot counts. God is not an impersonator. It pays us to pray more and act. Participate! If you don't have a PVC, go get yours when it's time. Join a political party and support the candidate of your choice Base on the candidates passion for the people and solve problems. 

Still on the politics series.

This goes to the good, big and influential people.

The evil in the land is not caused by the bad people in power. It's actually caused by the good people who failed to take the rightful positions and cause transformation. Running from politics will not make you a good person. The oncoming generations will curse you for your failure to act, speak out, join the trail to cause positive change in your time.

Yes. You have all the money to take care of your immediate family, send them overseas to study, power your mansions and make it a paradise while some people who you are supposed to stand for have not place to rest their heads, many have died because of your failure.

A child who studies abroad or lives in the secured estate still will pass through the same road, go to the same market, treck the same street,... with those who have been deprived of their right to live and enjoy the basic necessities of life... Hence no one will be save if our society is not safe. No one will enjoy to live freely anywhere if the people are not freed from the captivity of the generations of vipers who are ready to poison anyone to inherit the whole world.

I said a few days ago. PVC is useless if all the candidates are a set of liars, deceitful people with no passion to cause transformation, but only with pursuit of selfish interests. We have two candidates in 2015. Nigeria as a nation didn't have any other option than to jump from #frypan to #fire. This is not the problem caused by the bad people, but an absent of good people in the contest.

You are tongue speaking and holygbost filled. Apart from your prayers, how else can you rescue our nation through active participation?

"Nigeria is upside down today, not because of bad leadership but because of good leaders who are avoiding the positions of national leadership"

I remember in the last US election. At a point when Donald J. Trump was overwhelmed, he said "... the world is watching..." That day, I laughed and asked myself, "which world, where is the world, Africa or Artatica ? ☺. When you were at the position where you were ruling the world, economies, races, religions, battalions etc, how positively did you impact?

The same is applicable to our former presidents, governors, senators etc. When you were in power, you didn't do the needful. You left there, you are now complaining. Not only the people, but you yourselves inclusive will suffer from the consequences of your actions and inactions, failures and non-performance.

I will reiterate some of my comments on this, subject in the past.

#PVCISUSELESS if we cannot leverage on technology to conduct elections via e-voting via our phones now that we have social security numbers with #NIN integrated to #SIMs.

#PVCISUSELESS if the usually manual voting process is formed in such a way to discourage electorate.

With e-voting via internet, USSD code on Sim cards, poling units combined with a transparent digital central system where everyone can see election results in real time from any part of the world is the way to go if we must transform this nation state called Nigeria positively.

Yes, #PVCisUseless when some people have stolen enough from us to buy people's minds and votes and leave them with nothing for the following 4years.

In the case of our nation, motivating people to get #PVC is to make them get an hourly means of livelihood for selling their votes at poling units.

We keep saying go get PVC when all candidates projected with our commonwealth are not for the people's interests but personal and selfish interest. In that case, voting is useless. PVC is of no value.

Let's stop blaming someone else for our failures, I mean the failures to take that risky and difficult responsibility geared towards our national transformation.

 2023 Election is looming. It's another opportunity for all of us to select the right leadership that we deliver on our expectations, and not the usual set of folks whose heads are full of deceit.

It's time the influencials, quality leaders and intellectuals rose up and compete with failure, gross incompetency and halt the looming national disintegration.

It's all our responsibilities, notwithstanding your religion or ethnicity. What's common in our interests is good governance, quality lives, healthcare, infrastructural amenities, functional systems, job provision and sustainable economy that will be friendly for businesses to thrive, quality education, electricity and several other basic expectancies of all Nigerians.


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