Tuesday, 29 August 2023

Kano Govt Tell Residents To Stop Lamenting Over Water Supply On Social Media



Kano State Government has called on rural dwellers across the 44 Local Government Areas of the State to report issues related to water and sanitation in their various communities instead of lamenting on social media.

The Managing Director, Rural Water and Sanitation Agency (RUWASA), Shamwilu Abdulkadir Isah while briefing journalists on Monday said, the agency had set up desk offices in all LGA secretariats where written complaints would be collated for onward transmission to the authority concerned.

He said the development is in line with Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf’s foresight to address the daunting challenges of water across both rural and urban communities in the State.

“The programme is aimed at providing free water and sanitation facilities to the entire rural communities in the state. It is a very challenging issue as sometimes we see some video clips circulating around social media exposing the nature of hardship with regards to rural water supply.

“We want to bring about a synergy between the rural communities and the government. We are calling on them whenever they have such a complaint not to hesitate and write immediately to the concerned authority.

“We have already mandated departments purposely to accept all such complaints in Local Government Councils Secretariats. We want to discourage the entire public to stop propagating anything on social media concerning water supply in Kano. They should put it into writing and forward it to the concerned authority in their various Local Government Areas.”

The managing director added that the agency is embarking on sensitisation campaigns across rural communities on sanitation and abuse of the environmental rights.

“We are going about sensitizing rural people on sanitation and to stop abusing the environmental rights. People are defecating anyhow and misusing the conduct and right of the environment. We are calling the attention of the entire public to make use of the appropriate location especially market places and other sensitive areas.

“We want people to have ownership, let them feel that the project is theirs, to take care of it and repair it at any given point in time. Where things persist, they should forward the complaints to us. They should have an ownership of any project or facility so as to achieve sustainability in serving the people.”

He further revealed that the agency had identified 15 LGAs that are in pressing need to champion the course while eight LGAs had been sensitized on the global best practices of using water.


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