Tuesday 14 April 2020

5G Technology - It's Good. It's Bad


Recently, various major Telecommunications firms have been covertly installing 5th generation 
(5G) small cell masts at a relentless pace (often materialising overnight) across the UK, and particularly in your area. 

5G antenna emit ultra-high frequency and ultra-high intensity millimetre waves (as opposed to microwave frequencies used by 3G and 4G) and have a very short range (approx. 300 metres) so there needs to be at least one or two 5G “small cell’ antenna installed on every single street (either as masts, on rooftops, lampposts, disguised as trees, concealed in manholes, by 
schools etc), making them extremely infrastructure intensive. 

Why implement so fast? Why so 
quiet about it? 

Cell phone masts are proven to create significant levels of electromagnetic radiation (considered a carcinogen by the World Health Organisation). Currently over 2,000 peer reviewed studies show direct links with cell phone towers / radiation and significant increases in serious illnesses. 

One particular study in 1994 (well before 3G, 4G and 5G) links significant health problems with people living in a London apartment building with a cell phone mast on the roof. 

In this study, those living on the top floor of the apartment building - the closet to the tower, had a cancer rate of 10 times the average in England. So the closer you live or work to a cell mast, the greater the risk to health. 

The undeniable associated health risks include cancer, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, depression, blindness, birth defects, miscarriages, heart disease, tingly skin sensations, mood swings, infertility, a plethora of mental illnesses, damage to DNA, and much more (based just on 3G and 4G signal strength radiation - not the more powerful 5G network, which will be far worse). 

Since the advent of 3G and 4G, (and Wi-Fi), fertility levels have been plummeting (where do you keep your phone?), as have insect numbers - especially bees (dead bugs rarely hit your windscreen when driving anymore), as well as increasing cancer rates and a whole host of other illnesses (particularly neurological). This is no coincidence. However EMF radiation from cell masts, phones, and other wireless devices is always conveniently dismissed as the cause by official outlets without investigation. 

The frequencies utilized in military crowd control weapons (and other military weaponry technological patents) are also within the same range covered by 5G. MI6 and the MOD have 
expressed serious concerns over the fact these 5G antenna are Chinese built, potentially threatening national security. 

Nevertheless, telecomms companies have been granted permission to litter our streets with these masts, and without the need to acquire local planning permission. Capitalising on this, they have also been installing many new style 3G/4G masts (also known as monopoles) across the city at the same time. 

Of most concern however, this new 5G network is being approved, rolled out and forced upon you without any prior safety testing, no regulation, nor discussion with or consent from the 

Wherever you go, you’ll be bathed in unsafe wireless RF-EMF radiation 24/7/365, like it or not. 

Government and local councils use Public Health England (PHE) that quotes old pre 2011 (and since disproved) scientific data from ANGIR (now disbanded) to justify this. They also carefully caveat every statement with wording saying this debunked data only “suggests” radio waves to be safe (sufficient grounds to gamble your health upon?), so as to avoid liability. Cash strapped local councils have also been ignoring or circumventing FOIA requests on 5G (and LED Street Lighting - also hazardous, and 5G capable CCTV is going up everywhere at an alarming rate too). 

Why? What’s being kept from us? 
Labelled by thousands of scientists as a “massive experiment on the health of all species and the environment”, and who are also petitioning the roll out to the UN, there is no question 
that these EMFs pose a very real threat. Children, the elderly, and animals are most at risk. 

So how is it that this type of thing is legal and allowed to be approved, without prior and suitable independent safety testing, and despite all the seriously compelling health concerns? 

One thing is for sure… safety tests have been avoided because they are guaranteed to fail. 

5G could well turn out to be the modern day equivalent of asbestos, smoking – or perhaps even worse. 

What can you do? 
This is not designed to scare, however it is important that you are appropriately informed as to what is going on without your prior knowledge or consent. 

Also nobody is saying you need to throw away all your mobile devices. Technology is great if it is safe, however if obvious health risks exist, we need to know. Although it is starting to slip into the news, the media still remains largely silent on the dangers.

- Doing your own research is strongly recommended. Don’t simply take my word for it (or especially not those who have a financial interest in the rollout). Just a few suggestions to get started: 

• Search online for “5G negative health effects” and “5G military crowd control 

• Pay close attention to the fine print and T’s & C’s for your wireless devices. 

• Environmental Health Trust - https://ehtrust.org has a plethora of useful info on 5G 

• The “Stop 5G UK” and “Stop 5G” Facebook groups are reputable and have useful info (however discern with care various smaller deliberate disinformation groups disguised 
as ‘anti-5G’ groups). 

• Look into the work of Mark Steele, a telecomms engineer and expert on the matter 

- Let neighbours, colleagues, friends and family know so they are informed and empowered too. 

For more information on the  ways to limit exposure to EMFs. Visit stop5g.net and ehtrust.org.

- If you or anyone you know works within the legal field, perhaps consider looking into how to take legal action under the Human Rights Act against those responsible / complicit. See 

In fact anything you can think of to generate awareness would help significantly. 
are being switched on during 2019 and 2020. However we do have the power to prevent this, 
but must collectively take a stand against these direct violations to our health and human 

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