Friday, 24 April 2020

The Way Forward to Becoming a Great Nation - By Matthew Mackintosh

Matthew Mackintosh

By Matthew Mackintosh

Matthew, a Yanegoa based technology entrepreneur said there's need to diversity the economy and invest in human capital development. 

The challenges of not diversifying the economy and investing on human capital development.

We all know how the price of oil crashed few days ago and the impact it had on economies dependent on it.

I pray for the future of our dear oil rich nation; Nigeria.

The very two things that boost the economy of any great nation and transform such nation from being a third world nation to being a  first world nation is first investing on Human Capital Development, second is Creating an Enabling Environment for all to thrive and the third but not the least is  Diversifying the Nations Economy. With these in place, we are sure of progressing to first world nation.

Again we should stop hyping and praising our leaders over projects executed; it was basically the reason we elected them to office. Projects are the duty they owe each and everyone of us. We should criticize them to make them do more, rather than rain praises on them.

There are a lot of lessons to be learnt from the Novel Covid-19 pandemic era.

Matthew also added that farming and it’s benefits every day and most importantly in this period of the lockdown cannot be undermined and it's an industry that government and investors  should tap into. Government should empower the farmers and provide enabling environment for farming. With this we can be a major exporter of farm produce in the continent. 

Hence, Incentives should be given to farmers as farming can really boost the GDP of the economy by a landslide. I stand to be corrected on this one. 

The importance of ICT and it’s role in the period of the lockdown. 

Establishment would begin to seek the services of ICT experts, which is good for those in the technological industry. Hence, there's need for more capacity building in the technology space. 

Government can collaboration with private sectors to achieve this. 

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