Tuesday 25 June 2024

Niger IDPs Cries Out As Terrórist Take Over Their Communities And Livelihood



Internally displaced persons in Shiroro Local Government Area of Niger State are lamenting that terrorists have turned their communities to their permanent base, slaughtering their chickens and pounding the yams they kept in their stores.

Speaking with City & Crime in Kuta, Ahmed Almustapha, a displaced person from Rumace-Madalla, lamented that while they were hungry in their camp, terrórist were having field days with their domestic animals and food.

“We don’t have security operatives in our communities since the withdrawal of troops from Allawa. Since the withdrawal of soldiers, these terrorists have been having field days, kílling people more than ever before. The bandits have turned our communities to their personal residences. They sleep there and feed on the foodstuffs we left at home. They sláughter our chickens and make soup. They also eat our yam. And nobody goes there to harass them.

“Since the withdrawal of soldiers, we have lost at least 50 people; and many have been kidnápped. Three weeks ago, 30 people were kidnápped at Karaga, Kiriga and Agwaja communities; and up till this moment, the bàndits have not contacted anybody. We don’t know where they are now or what they are doing with them,” he said.

Rabiu Iliyasu from Bassa community also said all his children had been out of school because he had nothing again to sponsor their education.

He said, “All my family members are at the camp with me. Some of our community members are in Erena, while some fled to Gwada camp. At Kuta camp with me is my wife. My daughter is in Federal Technical College, Kuta while others are in other schools. I have withdrawn them because I have nothing to do again to sponsor their education.

“I have 17 children between the ages of 7 and 13 that are under my care, including orphans whose fathers and mothers were kîlled.

“Currently, I do menial jobs to survive. The father of one of the children with me was sláughtered recently. The mother of one of them was kidnapped three years ago after the father was kîlled; and we are yet to hear anything about her. The bandits demanded N3 million and a motorcycle as ransom. We paid and gave them the motorcycle but they did not release her. We later learnt that she was kîlled after the N3 million and motorcycle were delivered to them,” he said.


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