Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Christians: Praying alone is not enough. We need to all rise up to transform Nigeria - Gabriel Olatuja


It's good for us the Christians to preach the gospel. But keeping quiet on national matters won't take us anywhere. This is our own kingdom for now. Heaven is God's kingdom. 

Don't allow this nation where you are now get messed up while you are waiting to go to God Kingdom in heaven. Nigerian is your heaven for now. You dwell here now. God created you to dominate and subdue here, not only spiritually, but even physically. 

Make this place better. Prayer and preaching only is not enough. If things continues like this, they will soon criminalise going to church, criminalise preaching and all the physical functions of Christianity.

Don't get only agitated when there's an issue that concerns the church. At this time, the church is domiciled here in earth, in different nations like Nigeria. We need to make the environment conducive. That's can't happen by keeping silent. 

In the bible, we have examples of nations that God backed up to fight and dominate other nations. God could have told them to only sit down at home and pray only. But God knows there are things that need prayers and others required the actions of you and I as transformers. 

Jesus left the earth to go and #Prepare heaven. He's gone there to put things in order. You can't continue to be unconcerned  about this your present heaven, Nigeria. 

I'm sure there's orderliness, coordination, good governance and harmony in the Kingdom of God. If we can't cause the same in this kingdom that has been given to us, how do we think God will be happy? 

Its not good for we Christians and influencial pastor's keep silent when we are supposed to air our voices and correct anomalies in our Nigeria. We can't dwell in fear for so long. 

Christians, you can't preach the gospel or go and worship in church in a nation where there's war. Let's not get there before we begin to think about national interest in our dealings and endeavours. 

Don't look while some bad gangs sniff life out of those that have been given to you to save. You are a savior to many, as Christ is the ultimate savior of all. 

Your words, show of displeasure or even protests about the awful event that play out daily in this country can save the people and can save the nation at large. It's good to pray, but prayer without pragmatic work is dead. 

We need to all wake up. It is your duty. It's my duty. It is our duty to make this country a better place, not for some elites, but for all of us, irrespective of  belief or ethnicity or interest. 

Herdsmen are killing your fellow Christian and non-Christians. Insecurity everywhere. Lives are being taken and properties are being destroyed per minute. All we could do is to be quite? 

Let's all know that the voices we have today is a privilege to cause transformation, even in our nation. Some people had the voice, but couldn't use it in the past, now they are no more.

We are too conscious of position, and we prefer to neglect our duty as a people. God said we should dominate the earth. We should multiply and subdue the earth. The earth is not the crust but your nation to start with. Instead of dominating, it seems we are being dominated.

Aisha Yesufu said I quote, "Those who have never protested against the bad governance will come out and protest when their spiritual leaders are arrested. 

If Lai Mohammed's threat is carried out we will have millions of protesters on the streets..."

Ofcourse, you know what she's talking about. Some renowned pastor's who are still using twitter, like pastor Adeboye, pastor Kumuyi and others are already getting threats left, right and center for using twitter after ban. 

That's the truth. If our pastor's who had the voice and influence to cause transformation in the national polity but could do nothing get arrested today, I believe their followers who have been keeping silent and suffering will come out to protest.

We need to wake up now before it's too late. As Christian, some of us still believe whatever happens in government doesn't concern them. The only thing they are interested in is the gospel, preach, praying... 

So many of the church members, individuals and businesses have been given a big blow economically. I know we know how to affirm positives, even if we hardly get a meal per day. Yes. That's not bad. But life will be better if we all are doing well economically. The gospel will even spread faster and more effectively. 

I also believe you know that someone who's hungry will not want to accept the gospel you are preaching. Hard truth. 

Let me close with this. Christians and Christian leaders, don't see those who are being killed by terrorists, herdsmen, kidnappers etc as martyrs. 

They are not martyrs who were persecuted for their faiths. No! They were killed because of our collective failure of masterminding good governance. We may not be active in the government. But its our collective responsibility to cause a governance. It's or duty to put the government in check in the language they best understand to do the right thing always. 

Let's wake up and defend our people. Let's defend our nation and bring back a sane society once again. 


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Olatuja Gabriel is an Officer of International Human Rights Commission, (IHRC) Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to West Africa. He is a Media Broadcaster and Investigative Journalist. He's a Chemical, Process and Safety Engineer. He has over a decade experience in Manufacturing Industry, Chemical Engineering, Renewable Energy, Information Technology and Customer Service. He is a Chartered Customer Relationship Manager and a Business and Marketing Strategist. He is an experienced publisher and Content Creator. He enjoys Playing Saxophone and Singing.


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