Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Nigeria has become a completely authoritarian State under the Buhari-led administration – Gbolahan Oladunni-Daniels Esq.



Gbolahan Oladunni-Daniels Esq.

Gbolahan Oladunni-Daniels Esq.

A Nigerian lawyer, Gbolahan Oladunni-Daniels Esq., has said that Nigeria has become a completely authoritarian State under the Buhari-led administration.


He said it is grossly inappropriate and a display of abysmal immaturity to ban Twitter due to the fact that the president’s post was deleted by the microblog.


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The lawyer whose inclination is towards the availability of justice, equity and good governance to everyman in the society said, “The ban was an emotional reaction from the President which is devoid of any form of sensibilities.”


The legal and social activist also added that the use of Twitter by Nigerians is permissible even after the ban because the ban is a directive and not a law. He said it can only be criminalised when the offence is defined and the penalty is prescribed in a written law.


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“With due respect, the Attorney General goofed when he directed the prosecution of Nigerians using Twitter through VPN or other bypass apps and we must resist any form of harassment by the Police as they might start searching people's phones.”


Gbolahan also predicted that the autocratic and totalitarian president Buhari administration may ban Facebook soon.


“May I predict that our autocratic and totalitarian President will ban Facebook in the coming months especially as we approach 2023 Presidential elections.”


He also said that as usual, President Buhari may not be aware of the twitter ban, which means the ban may be only of the knowledge of some people in his government.


“On a lighter note, who knows our Bubu may not be aware or be shocked that Twitter has been banned in Nigeria.”

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